Please download our 'Corporate Social Responsibility' report (pdf).


Chugai has steadily increased its commitment to environmental protection since 1974, when it established its Environmental Department. In 1996, the Company set up the Chugai Environmental Management System (CEMS), a system based on the internationally accepted ISO 14001 standards, which are more stringent than legally mandated regulations. A variety of environmental protection activities are now being implemented within the CEMS framework.

The Environmental Committee, which is one of Chugai’s executive committees, annually formulates environmental policies, objectives, goals, and an environmental action plan for the Chugai Group. Activities undertaken in accordance with these items are led by general managers at each of Chugai’s business units around the world. A senior corporate vice president serves as chairman of the Environmental Committee, which comprises representatives from each Chugai division.

For more information please download the 'Addressing Environmental Issues' report (pdf).