Corporate Ethics - Embracing high ethical and moral standards in all our activities as a healthcare company

Corporate Ethics - Take Priority over Profit

Chugai places paramount importance on respect for life, and pursues fair and transparent corporate activities based on high ethical standards, along with sincere scientific initiatives. This approach is essential for creating trusting relationships with stakeholders and contributing to the sustainable development of society.

When the new Chugai was created in October 2002, the President issued a message to all employees concerning the need to prioritise corporate ethics over profit.

The Company published a Mission Statement declaring its path to becoming a company that meets stakeholders'expectations and fulfills its social responsibilities, and also established the Chugai Business Conduct Guidelines (Chugai BCG) to accompany the statement.

To realise this mission, all employees of the Chugai Group place top priority on sharing these values, as well as on understanding and practicing the ethical standards necessary to execute their jobs. Chugai is committed to judging every action before taking it.

Mission Statement

Chugai's mission is to dedicate itself to adding exceptional value through the creation of innovative medical products and services for the benefit of the medical community and human health around the world.

Core values

The primary focus of all our activities is patients, healthcare professionals and partners.

In all our activities we are committed to the highest ethical and moral standards.

We value employees who develop profound expertise and broad perspectives and pursue innovation and challenges without fear of failure.

Wherever we operate around the world we seek to understand and respect people and cultures and to behave as good corporate citizens.

We promote an open and active corporate culture that respects individuality, ability and teamwork.

We care about the global environment.

We aim to achieve a fair return for our shareholders and to disclose information appropriately and in a timely manner.